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Notice of Semi-Annual General Meeting and Special Resolution

Friday November 15th

 Elks Lodge - 401 Hawkins St, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1X7
9:00am - registration, refreshments, document review

10:00am - Meeting Starts (Chaired by ERA President Michael McCann)

Draft Agenda below

A Special Resolution to approve the amended Constitution and Bylaws will be voted on. The amendment was voted on by the membership in October 2018, to remove the associated membership class and associated items.

 12:00pm - Potluck Lunch with guest and ERA member Minister John Streicker - Presentation of ribbons from Fall Gathering games

Draft Agenda - Semi-Annual General Meeting - November 15th 2019
Links to associated reports in purple, please click on appropriate line to access.


Registration, Coffee/Tea/Light Refreshments, ERA Board Meet and Greet.

Canada Revenue Agency will have a table with benefits information

10:00am Meeting Start  
1. Call to Order and Quorum  
2. Adoption of Agenda  
3. Approve minutes of AGM - April 2019  
4. Executive/Board summary reports
  1. President Report - Michael McCann, ERA President
  2. Executive Director Report - Alex Jegier, ERA Executive Director - available Wednesday November 13th 
5. Financial Report - David Boorse, Former ERA Treasurer  
6. Review correspondence  
7. Unfinished business
  1. Special Resolution
    1. Resolved that the (Constitution/Bylaws) of ElderActive Recreation Association be amended as follows: Removal of associate membership class (Part 2, #3b) and related housekeeping (revised Constitution and Bylaws can be found here)
-- --------------------------------Coffee/Tea Break--------------------------------  

Committee Reports

  1. Strategic Planning Committee - Michael McCann
  2. Bingo - Cecil-Gayle Terris
  3. Team Yukon Organizing Committee - Marg White, Team Yukon Co-Chef de Mission

Other Senior Organizations - Reports

  1. Golden Age Society - Doug MacLean, President
  2. Yukon Council on Aging - Doug MacLean, President
  3. Vimy Heritage Housing Society - Ranjit Sarin, President

New Business

    1. Volunteerism - Cash Raffle Chairperson, Bingo Callers, Schedulers, Cashiers and Chairperson
    2. City of Whitehorse updates - Danielle Fendrick
    3. Arctic Winter Games 2020 - Volunteer Services - Chris McKay


11. Adjournment  

The Honourable John Streicker, Minister of Community Services

Fall Gathering 2019 - Awarding of ribbons
Pot-luck Lunch



 Fall Gathering 2019 Winners


3rd Place: Julie Mitchell
2nd Place: Shelley Dixon
1st Place: Dave Griffiths 


3rd Place: Mary Seely (694 pts)
2nd Place: Brenda Dion (695 pts)
1st Place: Red Hull (698 pts)

Carpet Bowling

3rd Place: Darlene Thompson, David Robertson, and Gayle Moffatt (by one point over Elaine, Sherry and Renie)
2nd Place: Heather McGeachy, Rudy Couture, and Bill White
1st Place: Paul Dabbs, Betty Hebert, and Karen Robutka

Floor Shuffleboard

3rd Place for Bronze Ribbons: Mary Robertson & Doris Dart
2nd Place for Silver Ribbons: Lorne Whittaker & Ev Pasichnyk
1st Place for Gold Ribbons: Kathy Power & Chris McKay


3rd Place for Bronze Ribbons: Gunter Balsam and Lynne Sofiak
2nd Place for Silver Ribbons: Ken Kiemele and Karen Russell
1st Place for Gold Ribbons: Brenda Dion and Gordon Clark

Fall Gathering 2018

We had a great showing at our Annual Fall Gathering on Friday October 12 and Saturday October 13th 2018. Three games were played on the Friday (Scrabble and Cribbage at the Elk's Hall and 5-pin Bowling at Mad Trappers Alley in Riverdale). On Saturday our members went out to the Canada Games Centre to take part in Pickleball, Carpet Bowling and Floor Shuffleboard.

Here are the results from Saturday's games:

Carpet Bowling
Had 27 players and played 5 games with 8 teams. 7 players came from Tagish, Teslin and Dawson.

carpet bowling gold.jpg

2018 Carpet Bowling Gold: Rudy C, Gayle M, Bill and Ron L.

carpet bowling silver.jpg

2018 Carpet Bowling Silver: Judy L, Jean W, and Sherry S.

carpet bowling bronze.jpg

2018 Carpet Bowling Bronze: Paul D, David R, and Les R.


The tournament was a great success. We had 21 players, 10 in the A event and 11 in the B event.

The winners in the A event (tied for 1st) were Brent McLaren and Ken Kiemele. Third was Michel Gelinas. In the B event:1st was Lynne Sofiak, 2nd was Brenda Dion, and third was Lene Neilsen.

pickleball Oct 13 B winners.jpg

 Floor Shuffleboard

There was a three way tie for winning teams based on  total number of games won.  The placement was then decided by total number of points earned in all games played.

1st Place:              Gold                      Lorne Whittaker & Kathy Power

2nd Place:             Silver                    Mary Robertson & Ranjit Sarin

3rd Place:             Bronze                 David Knight & Graham MacCannell

5-Pin Bowling

Gold: Gayle M.

Silver: Norm

5 Pin Bowling - Bronze Wayne.jpg

Bronze: Wayne T.

5 Pin Bowling - Gold Hazel.jpg

Gold: Hazel O.

Silver: Joyce T.