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Fall Gathering 2018

We had a great showing at our Annual Fall Gathering on Friday October 12 and Saturday October 13th. Three games were played on the Friday (Scrabble and Cribbage at the Elk's Hall and 5-pin Bowling at Mad Trappers Alley in Riverdale). On Saturday our members went out to the Canada Games Centre to take part in Pickleball, Carpet Bowling and Floor Shuffleboard.

Here are the results from Saturday's games:

Carpet Bowling
Had 27 players and played 5 games with 8 teams. 7 players came from Tagish, Teslin and Dawson.

carpet bowling gold.jpg

2018 Carpet Bowling Gold: Rudy C, Gayle M, Bill and Ron L.

carpet bowling silver.jpg

2018 Carpet Bowling Silver: Judy L, Jean W, and Sherry S.

carpet bowling bronze.jpg

2018 Carpet Bowling Bronze: Paul D, David R, and Les R.


The tournament was a great success. We had 21 players, 10 in the A event and 11 in the B event.

The winners in the A event (tied for 1st) were Brent McLaren and Ken Kiemele. Third was Michel Gelinas. In the B event:1st was Lynne Sofiak, 2nd was Brenda Dion, and third was Lene Neilsen.

pickleball Oct 13 B winners.jpg



 Floor Shuffleboard

There was a three way tie for winning teams based on  total number of games won.  The placement was then decided by total number of points earned in all games played.

1st Place:              Gold                      Lorne Whittaker & Kathy Power

2nd Place:             Silver                    Mary Robertson & Ranjit Sarin

3rd Place:             Bronze                 David Knight & Graham MacCannell



5-Pin Bowling

Gold: Gayle M.

Silver: Norm

5 Pin Bowling - Bronze Wayne.jpg

Bronze: Wayne T.

5 Pin Bowling - Gold Hazel.jpg

Gold: Hazel O.

Silver: Joyce T.